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comic for Wednesday , June 22 , 2005


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June 1st, 2005

Holy shit. It has been over two months since I updated this newsbox. OVER. That was mostly because I was using the news info under every comic feature that.. you are able to use with Keenspace, but, I just realised, it is impractical and STUPID to attempt to do that when you have just uploaded eight comics. I'm not going to make a seperate news item for every day, thanks.

"But wait!" I just heard you say, "EIGHT COMICS?"

That's right. From this day forward (and probably until the end of summer, is my guess) Robot and Boy is going to be updated DAILY. As in, even the weekends. Because I love you, and you love me, and together baby... we can go places. Like McDonald's. Do you want to go to McDonald's? Yeah, me neither. Maybe some other time.

Anyway, yes - I've uploaded a comic for Tuesday, as well as today, so it's a double update day. Press 'Previous' to see what that is all about.

FINALLY - I'm not sure when, but sometime in the near future John Kaidyn will be running some guest comics I made at Zorro and Ester, so I'll let you know about that when the time comes.

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